We need to take better care of ourselves, and one another in 2017

Someone wondered via Twitter whether Quentin Tarantino was Director of 2016. There have been plenty of unsettling moments, for sure. The grave problems cannot be solved in 5 simple steps, or likely to disappear when the clock stroke midnight December 31st. Instead of resolutions, make it a priority to renew your resolve to practice care and compassion-for yourself and towards one another. Progress is always possible, and more likely when we tune in to ways we can improve quality of life for everyone.

Did you stumble to the finish line of 2016?

December 2016:

  • Fidelity Health and Human Services.
  • Northeastern Doctor of Law and Policy Program.


  • January 18th- N.A.S.P.A. Austin, TX.
  • February- Smith and Nephew (Private Event).
  • February- Northeastern Residential Life (Private Event).

Kristen Lee, Ed.D., LICSW

Behavioral Science Author & Speaker

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